In the potentially dangerous environment of construction sites health and safety is our top priority. We already operate to the highest possible safety standards, as a key business focus, we work tirelessly to raise the profile of health and safety among each individual at Landworth Electrics, this is carried out with the compulsory implementation of risk assessments and method statements being issued and checked prior to works being undertaken and further embed it within our culture, through Safe Construction Scheme

SAFE Construction Scheme is designed to ensure safety is a priority consideration for every employee and has already enabled us to reduce the number of reportable incidents to an all-time low.

Part of this initiative is a practice in health and safety across all sites and to reward excellence in leadership, performance and innovation.

For any campaign focusing on health and safety to be fully effective, it needs to reach beyond our employees and be embraced by our sub-contractors and suppliers. We proactively take the SAFE Construction Scheme message to our sub-contractors via open electronic dialog where we discuss everything from near-miss reporting to behavioural improvement plans and occupational health.