Fire Alarms

The planning and design of a fire solution is the key to success. Correct analysis of the risk and designing a solution around our client’s requirements, will ensure a solution that fits perfectly and within the stringent BS 5839.

This ensures our clients receive the very best service, to latest industry standards with all systems designed, installed, commissioned and maintained by our own fully qualified staff.

We are experienced at liaising with architects, fire safety officers and building contractors to ensure that the system is designed and installed to meet the specification required. Our experienced team can advise your business or organisation on the various types of fire alarm equipment that best suits your requirements, including offering advice on a wide range of products and systems.

Unlike some other fire alarm installers, we’re not tied to any suppliers meaning that we don’t push any single manufacturers. By choosing Landworth, you’ve not chosen a product, you’ve chosen a guide.

On completion, a full commissioning test will take place, with a comprehensive handover to ensure total satisfaction. Landworth chooses to incorporate open-protocol components into the design of their systems. Open-protocol products aren’t dependent on using parts from specific manufacturers and therefore have no long-term ties. When it comes to maintaining the system, engineers will not face access restrictions or require specialist knowledge or equipment, which results in efficient and cost effective system maintenance.